Lot 18 - 2241 Ciderpress Dr

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  6 guests
  6501 sq. ft.

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Lot 18 is a pull-in site with light brick pavers and unobstructed views along the stream and fountains. Enjoy the cozy fire pit overlooking the soothing stream.  Entertain guests with the well-equipped outdoor kitchen and custom concrete and tile table under the pergola.  Lot 18 is located only a short walk or bicycle ride from the North Clubhouse and the pool as well as the Ciderpress Club. The lot has been meticulously landscaped with lush greenery and plantings surrounding you in peaceful elegance. Enjoy interacting with your neighbors while still enjoying privacy on this lot with the sun shining across the stream and sunsets over the woods beyond.

The bungalow is not part of the rental.

More Features

• Pergola
• Outdoor kitchen
• Fire pit
• Water view of stream and fountain
• Upgraded outdoor furnishings
• Bungalow (not part of rental)
• Lined crawl space under bungalow
• Water softener for bungalow & coach hookups
• Brick pavers on parking pad and patio
• Pull-in
• Centrally located between the North Clubhouse and the Ciderpress Club
Ciderpress Club Member

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Nokomis, US
Reviewed: Oct 14, 2019
Property Manager
The team treated the guests to a breakfast on Saturday. The way you like it omelettes, biscuits with sausage gravy, sausage, toast, juice and coffee. Very nice and met several other Hearthside guests.
It was a great fall getaway. We plan to return again next year. Beautiful grounds, wonderful staff, and very friendly residents. Lot 18 has a top outdoor kitchen, fire pit and plenty of seating. Also had a lovely water feature.
Joliet, US
Reviewed: Sep 15, 2019
Property Manager
The staff was professional and friendly.
Lot 18 had a great view and great amenities.
Pottstown, US
Reviewed: Aug 1, 2019
Property Manager
Snellville, US
Reviewed: Jun 30, 2019
Property Manager
The staff was courteous and responsive.
The property is great. We're looking forward to spending some time there in August as well. (reservation is under Kendall) Different lot. We won't rent #18 again. I would like to know where the communication breakdown was on our reservation and length of stay. It's unacceptable to have our last morning cut short because of poor planning.
Burlington, CA
Reviewed: Jun 16, 2019
Property Manager
Everything was excellent as expected except for the reception when we arrived at the park. We were taken to our site and the gentleman guided us into the lot. Because the resident across the way was unhooking a bike from his car I was unable to make a good approach and it became necessary for me to back out onto the road to attempt a better approach. The staff member was guiding out and did not stop me from hitting the top of the start light with the top of our coach. Me wife hit the tow car horn and I stopped immediately. The neighbour moved his car (very Friendly) and allowed me to try again. Well following the staffs directions I hit the light again even after he knew about the 1st time. He did not seem to care Fortunately out MH had only a light paint mark which I was able to sub off and the light was only slightly bent back at the top. As this is a brand new MH 1st trip I was quite upset but he did not even apologize for directing into the light. His only comment was I will tell maintenance. If it had not been for my wife taking over the damage would have been far greater. We certainly got the impression he did not know what he was doing. This put quite a damper on our 1st couple of days till we got the paint marks buffed out. The gate staff were excellent during the rest of stay and very helpful
Not our 1st time here, the park is beautiful and extremely well maintained. The main club house is gorgeous. If weather had been nicer we would have used the swimming area. We love the park, we like the area and enjoyed the bike trails. Very well kept lot. and a beautiful facility


Check-In: 1:00 p.m.
Check-Out: 12:00 p.m.
Motor Home Classification, Size and Age
Hearthside Grove is a Class A motorcoach resort.  Our Owner's Association defines Class A in the traditional sense meaning motor homes and converted buses that have a flat front (not a truck, van or semi front end).  We understand the appeal of other types of coaches and trailers, but we don’t have a provision to host those units as either a guest or owner.  Additionally, Class A motorcoaches must be a minimum of 30 feet in length and be no older than 10 years of age.  Please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Bungalows are NOT included in the rental. Interior photos may be shown for sales purposes.

Lot Changes:  We are a lot ownership resort which means that, in the unlikely event the owner of the rental lot you selected sells or removes the property from the rental pool, you will be notified as soon as possible to discuss a suitable replacement lot. 

Deposit: If reservation is made more than 10 days prior to arrival, a deposit of 50% is required at time of booking and the balance is due 10 days prior to arrival. If booking is 10 days or less before your arrival, the entire reservation amount is due at time of booking.

Cancellation Policy: Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel your reservation. A cancellation processing fee of $50 will be charged if a reservation is canceled more than 10 days prior to your arrival. Cancellations within 10 days of arrival will result in forfeiture of 50% of the cost for your entire stay (including bungalow costs if this option was selected on your reservation).

Pets: You may have a maximum of two well behaved and quiet pets per lot, however, other than service animals, pets are not allowed in bungalows, clubhouses or in the pool area. Pets must be kept on a leash no longer than 6 feet at all times except in the dog run located by the front entrance. Pet owners are responsible for promptly picking up after their pets.

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